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1 Questions frequently asked-
1.1 What are the store hours?

Our shop hours fluctuate season to season so please coordinate this info with our Google Business Hours (those are always up to date) or call the shop 406.728.9559

Monday through Saturday 10 am to 5 pm 

Sundays closed 

updated 6/24/24

1.2 Why does the shop always smell so good!? What do you burn/spray?

The only thing that ever burns in the shop is our sweet little kerosene oil lamp on the front pillar (and we use odorless kerosene). The good smells really are a testament to living with natural fibers. EVERYTHING off gases and that includes plastics. Everything in our store is natural fibers. I am reminded of this when I open packages of grass baskets or even down bedding - the warming smells of grass, feathers and beeswax contributes to the overall "scent" of this space!  

1.3 How are you [Three Bales as a small business] doing?

This can easily be a long-winded question (if you have ever asked me this in the shop you more than likely received the long version...sorry ha) but in short: We have been meeting our projections and our customer base is continuing to grow! I think there is a lot of concern for the stability of small businesses especially since Covid. It's a good reminder to continually support the PEOPLE and the Businesses you believe in. Supporting those mirroring values with your $$ makes a big difference. Convenience shopping has a much larger price on the uniqueness of our communities. 

1.4 Do you source all locally made products?

Not all our products are made locally even though there are MANY amazing makers in Montana and we do feature some of our favorites in the shop. We source world wide looking to cultures that have profound history in excelling in their craft. For example the Japanese craft for precision in sword making dates back thousands of years and those deep understandings translate beautifully into their craft of modern metal kitchen tools. Much like the history of glass blowing in Mexico and brush making in Europe. Our biggest priority is to source the best, most functional objects for your home.  

1.5 Do you ship? I live out of state, etc.

Yes we do! We have a full website and ship anyway nation-wide. 
We have a wonderful friend and product photographer that shoots all our new arrivals. So our website truly reflects all our offerings in the shop month to month.

1.6 Is everything in the store handmade? 

We do have a significant amount of objects that are made by hand in the space. But some of them are manufactured and these products are not made in a mass-produced fashion. They have high-quality standards, good ethics and vision in serving a long-lasting purpose in your home. 

1.7 When are you getting those amazing ____ back in? They sold out so fast...

As a really small retailer we have a limited quantity of each item on hand. We also at this point aren't able to carry every offering at the same time. We look at this similarly to seasonal 'farm-to-table' menu's at our favorite restaurants. The ones where you can only get the winter squash, leek, ricotta pizza during the winter months and then in the summer you can have the flathead cherry pizza. It's like that! We go from garden tools, spring-clean-every-brush-in-stock season to the soup-ladles-down-bedding season. However we are happy to add you to our restock list where Paige email/texts you when that item your heart was set on gets restocked so you get first dibs! Just send her an email at threebaleshomesupply[at]

1.8 What did you do before this [Paige]? Did you work in retail before?

I was an artist that got my BFA and did a couple residencies making installation and performative work. As a formally trained ceramic artist I have a high regard for form, function and beauty coming together in the most utilitarian objects in our home: the toilet brush, the kitchen broom, the wall hooks. I worked in specialty coffee managing a sweet shop and was lucky enough to realize my passion for connecting with people in an ordinary space. Shopkeepers, baristas, grocery clerks can really impact the way we feel seen in a day and I have a big mission for kind, loving customer service. Three Bales is both those passions coming together in this sweet space that feels like home. 

1.9 Can we return bedding if we aren't happy with color?

Unfortunately, we can't take returns or exchanges on bedding or bath products due to hygienic reasons. We encourage you to be completely sure on your selections before purchasing. If you are local, we have color samples you can take home to test.