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Our Story

The journey to Three Bales Home Supply began in my 500-square-foot studio apartment. Discouraged by the visual chaos of my exposed pantry and overflow of storage, I promised myself a plastic-free kitchen by the end of the year. I spent days perusing the corners of local antique stores: endless searching for lovely glass jars, wooden crates, and well-crafted containers. A thrifted Longaberger basket became my shopping vessel for bulk pasta and dried mango slices. Over time, I dedicated myself and my home to intentional objects that are timeless and beautiful no matter where they perch.


Three Bales is an intentional and thoughtful gathering of the tools and objects that we see and touch every day, carefully sourced home goods with only the finest craftspersonship. We invite you to be nourished by the simple beauty of these home supplies as we have been, with the hope that our children and grandchildren will use and treasure them for generations to come. 


The home is where we hold our values: that which we regard as important. Our values are reflected in the beautiful things we hang on our walls, in the blanket we choose to curl up with on the couch, in the dinnerware and candlelight that carries conversation late into the night. Ultimately, the home holds us


Much like a beloved cast iron pan, values and rituals of the home become the seasoned patina we share with our family, our community and the next generation. 


xo Paige, owner